Mardi Richmond, MA, CPDT-KA, CC
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Good Dog Santa Cruz
Fun with dog training
Bringing out the best in your dog
with kind, gentle and effective training.
Welcome! Are you looking for help training your dog? You've come to the right place.

We offer:
  • Puppy Head Start including puppy home visits and puppy classes
  • Group classes for older puppies and adult dogs
  • Private lessons and behavior consults 

What can you expect from training with Mardi?
From puppy socials to teaching life skills to solving behavior problems, I offer private lessons and classes that are fun, supportive and get results. I start with:
  • Effective, science-based methods. We make training a positive experience so your dog will want to listen and work for you!
  • Small classes. This means plenty of personalized attention for each dog and handler.
  • A safe and respectful learning environment. I want to make sure both the dog and handler get what they need from our training program.

Plus, my years of experience mean I have a lot of tools in my training tool belt! We can find solutions for your challenges.

Do I use food in training?
Yes, we do use food, toys, play and other things your dog finds rewarding to jump-start learning and to make training enjoyable for both the dog and handler.

I am a force-free trainer.
That means that I do not use manipulation, intimidation, coercion, or pain in training. I do not use choke chains, pinch collars or shock collars. 

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